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Rawkson, Anouk

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Anouk Rawkson’s art is best associated with the Lowbrow visual art movement, with various influences ranging from punk music and underground comics to B-movies and other subcultures. As a kind of rebellion against the classics, such art is also recognized as having a distinct sense of humor. In fact, Rawkson’s goal with his art is to express his sense of irony, the darker subtext underneath an initially perceived innocent image. 


“First and foremost, when people first look at my art, I want them to feel happy,” Rawkson says. “But then when they get closer and really look at the details of it, the darker side of the cuteness, I want it to make them think.” 

Unable to confine his creativity to just one medium, Rawkson has also devoted much time to the creation of a line of plushies/voodoo dolls. He is also planning sometime in the near future to design and attach his name to a line of apparel, handbags and other accessories.  

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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

2012 Chair Affair

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