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Minniti, Holly

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Not an artist in the usual sense, I built houses for a living in my twenties.  Since then, I’ve taken on remodeling projects small to large.  I’m truly a jack (or jackeline as the case may be) of all trades, master of none.  But I’ve found a creative outlet in everything from concrete work, framing, tiling, painting, landscaping, demolishing, sheetrocking – pretty much every aspect of construction.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve recognized that being creative is, rather than accidental in my life, something imperative and sustaining.  While I’ve always enjoyed photography, I’m hoping to incorporate more painting, sculpture, and mixed media projects into my repertoire.  Submitting a chair to NWFB Chair Affair just seemed like a fun way to experiment.  Thanks for the opportunity!

Idris Wins

2011 Chair Affair

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