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Cook, Judy

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Chair Affair Artist

When not creating chairs for the Chair Affair, Judy adds excitement and adventure to her art by painting on silk with dyes.  When dye touches silk it flows and bends where ever it wants to go.  The challenge of silk painting is a balance of controlling where you want the dye to go and letting the dye create its own path.  She combines batik, watercolor techniques, salt and alcohol to develop texture and depth in her designs.

Judy shows her work in Olympia through Art Walks.  Accepting the challenge of creating a humorous look at global warming she wa the Postcard Artist for the 2007 Nature Conservancy Conference in Portland, Oregon.  She participated in the 2010 Chair Affair creating a whimsical chair entitled “Good Morning Mrs. Cleaver”.

Drawing pictures from the time she could hold a crayon, Judy wanted to be an artist.  She attended WSU planning to pursue an art degree, but ended up graduating with a degree in Home Economics.  She spent the next 30 years working on computers for the State of Washington decorating many computer printouts with her sketches.  After retirement she has pursued her dream of creating and studying art.  She is currently working on a second Bachelor’s degree at Evergreen State College focusing on Art and Art History.

Judy lives in the Boston Harbor area with her husband, two warring cats and Emma the dog.

Fall Aspens

2013 Chair Affair

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