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Scerbik, Julie

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Julie Karen Scerbik is a native Washingtonian, raised with five siblings, just south of Renton.  Stemming from a love a drawing, Julie chose to study drafting, then worked at a refinery for several years until she had a child.  She and her husband, Brad, live with their 15 year old son, Steven, in the beautiful Skagit Valley.  She truly believes laughter is indeed the best medicine and is constantly amazed and inspired by everything from rocks on the beach to architects' renderings.  Julie has worked over 11 years for a small Interpreting & Translation agency.  She thoroughly enjoys the people she is lucky enough to interact with at her job, many of whom she will likely never meet in person.  Julie believes that both creativity and prayer are survival tools that help keep her afloat on a daily basis.  Over the years, she has squeezed in a parade of various art projects -often leaving a trail like a tornado came through-painting murals, designing wedding invitations, programs, quilts and logos, etching on champagne glasses, even drawing a dove for a gravestone.  Her family passionately loves camping - they have a reputation for packing everything imaginableShe considers a sketchpad, pencils and markers to be basic camping equipment - as she has been known to spend endless hours doodling on camp chairs.  Julie believes she has much to learn, but wishes to share her gifts along the way.  She remains eternally grateful for the artistic talents of her many friends and relatives who have made the choice to turn their talents into expressions of love.  

Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh BATMAN!

2013 Chair Affair

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