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Williams, Knena

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Chair Affair Artist

Knena Williams is an artist residing in Spanaway, Washington.  She captures the beauty of nature by the way of photography and painting.  Her work also uses light and shadow in combination with her voluminous sculptures.  The exposed lit surfaces capture a colorful play of airy shapes and forms to created paint-like compositions with digital photography.  Knena’s work is expressive and ethereal.  She is an artist that continues to mature through her work.

“I like creating stories to stir up images and concepts that I later take to construct several visual compositions.  Unlike a storyboard, the viewing experience does not tell a story of sequenced events, but of environments.  Light and shadow is the driving inspiration behind my work, which sheds an ethereal view on everyday materials. My work utilizes a mixture of mediums and techniques.  I love light and color!”


2011 Chair Affair

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