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Dahl-Isacson, Laurie

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Chair Affair Artist

Laurie considers this period of her life, “retirement” as the third phase of learning, making and doing.

The first 20 years were involved with higher education and commercial fishing. In the second 20+ years she aspired to instill an appreciation and personal awareness of one’s creative potential to teenagers as a high school art teacher at Bellarmine Prep.  And this phase is a melding of all those previous experiences and more.

Creativity has always been front and center.  The role of nature, the sea, the environment, plant forms and garden inspirations and gardening have found their way into her art making processes: whether it is weaving, fiber art or a variety of craft forms. And of course the garden is a work of art in constant transformation

 Art is not a thing, but a way of connecting to interpreting our world. 

Autumn Study

2012 Chair Affair

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