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Capp, Mike & Shawna

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Chair Affair Artist

Mike and Shawna Capp have been creating separately for years. Mike is an accomplished artist who displays and sell his work all over the Puget Sound area and beyond. He finds inspiration for his artwork through his children's creativity and pop imagery. His work doesn't really mean anything dangerous, angsty or irksome. They're just recreations of monsters, superheros and robots.  Shawna retired from the apparel industry to stay home and homeschool the kids.  She's been crafty for years and, most recently, dabbling in woodworking. So he's the conceptual one and she's the one with the power tools and the know-how to make it three-dimensional.  This is their first collaborative project together.  Mike and Shawna currently reside in Snohomish with their two creative children. 


2012 Chair Affair

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