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Polyakov, Sarah

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Sarah Polyakov has loved the act of creation for as long as she can remember. With graduate degrees in English and Psychology and a minor in art, she finds various forms of artistic expression incredibly gratifying. Sarah has been greatly influenced by her world travels: 23 countries and counting. Whether she is writing, painting, drawing, taking photographs, or distressing furniture, Sarah’s love for storytelling as well as different cultures is evident. You might have seen some of Sarah’s writing online, or in Gig Harbor Living magazine and Latitude 45 magazine. Sarah’s other passions include animal rights, working for environmental causes, and human rights initiatives. When she isn’t working on everything that is artistic, Sarah loves preparing gourmet meals for her husband and their two children. If you would like to work with Sarah, pick her brain on a topic, or just say “Hello,” Sarah welcomes your phone call. You may contact her at 253.576.4192. 


 Rue Chángshòu

2016 Chair Affair

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