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Beavin, Sanne

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Sanne Beavin: story teller by nature, was blessed to live in many countries. She thinks this variety of cultural experience has manifested itself in her artistic temperament as a teacher and led her to express herself as a writer of poems, novels, plays, actress, director, set designer, and visual merchandiser. She paints on almost any surface; from greeting cards to children’s faces to canvases to murals. She discovered that she needs to visually tell whichever story happens to be residing in her head or her life at the time. Although her style leans mostly to a child like whimsy there is always a deeper commentary to her work.  Because of this desire to teach, she loves to interview her clients, find out what is happening in their life, where their joy or their pain is, so that she can paint or write very intentionally, making it a deeply personal memory or healing experience for them. 

Wild Things

2013 Chair Affair

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