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Simone, Yvette

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Chair Affair Artist

Born in the Northwest, her family’s story has been featured on Oprah.  She has been honored at the White House for her artwork included in the Arts in Embassies program.  Simone resides and works in Washington’s flavorful artist neighborhood of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle.  Simone has completed eleven public art sculptures, exhibited in five museums, exhibited in numerous galleries locally, nationally and internationally.

At first glance, un-a-sooming, easily dismissed, most always underestimated.  Upon further examination, rich with layers, skills and talents.   Simone and her paintings can be described using the same adjectives: childlike, playful, deliberate, intelligent, thought provoking, seemingly simple yet complex and masterfully skilled in artistic delivery.  She is predictably unpredictable, spontaneous, loving, playfully mischievous, always thinking, always observing and simply breathing in the priceless intangible moments of life.  Simone and her paintings give the viewer multiple perspectives with rich layers of meaning for an aesthetically thought provoking and highly interactive experience.  Simone’s authentic yet unorthodox nature of pushing the limits to find the real or perceived boundaries and then crossing those boundaries to push and stretch herself and those around her is refreshing.

The Birds of the Air Rest in Its Branches

2011 Chair Affair

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