NW Furniture Bank Needs Your Help All donations welcome

Need Furniture

NW Furniture Bank works on a referral basis only serving families in Pierce County and South King. A family must work with one of the pre-approved organizations or social service agencies that partner with us to have a furniture request [referral] placed on your behalf. We do not replace or upgrade furniture you may already have.

We provide gently used furniture and household items to families at or below the poverty level struggling with fire, flood, job loss, domestic violence relocation, foster child ageing out, or someone moving from transitional housing. If you are sleeping, eating or living on the floor we want to help provide the items you cannot afford to purchase.

Ask your caseworker if they are a referring agency and if they are not refer them to this web page.

All our furniture is gently used and the inventory changes daily and there are no returns. You will be charged a processing fee of $75 payable at the time of your furniture selection. If you take furniture with you on the day of your appointment you will be required to have a vehicle big enough to take everything you select on the day of your appointment. You may not make multiple trips to take the furniture home. Delivery is available for an additional $125. 

Some of the Agencies to Call for Help:

Centro Latino Tacoma 253-798-4575
Chapel Hill Titus Ministry Gig Harbor 253-853-0224
Chase Recovery Tacoma 253-302-4373
Christ Gospel Church of Tacoma Lakewood 253-224-5696
House of Prayer Foundation Tacoma 253-227-4885
MDC - Metropolitan Development Council Tacoma 253-579-3860
Pierce County Aging & Disabilty Resources Tacoma 253-798-4600
Puyallup Tribal Health Authority Tacoma 253-593-0247 x417
Salvation Army   Tacoma 253-572-8452 x115
St Vincent de Paul - St John Bosco Lakewood 253-820-9472
Valley Cities Federal Way  253-335-3749
Veterans Affairs - VA Tacoma 253-583-2339