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2013 Chair Affair

The Chair Affair is the main fundraising event for NWFB. It raises funds each year to supply families in need with hope through furniture.

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"It's all fun and games until mom or dad says otherwise..."
Jaeger, Priscilla/ Doll, Audra/ Maiuri, Michelle

"Summer" and "Winter"
Sherman Elementary Students

"Tie One On" Gentlemen
Sullivan, Michelle

A Bit of Whimsy & Diamonds Chest
Fisher, Judy

A Fine Vintage
Grellier, Penny

After the Flood
Inge, Maggie

Blue Poppy in the Garden
Goetz, Sue

Doll High Chair
Rurik, Evelyn

Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh BATMAN!
Scerbik, Julie

Fairy Dust Box
Crow, Rebecca

Fall Aspens
Cook, Judy

Fern Rocker
Perrine, Karen

Fun at the Zoo
Parker, Dan

Fun Girly Tutu Chair
Fuller, Christy

Gradient Sun Light
Swenson, Erica

Grandma's Wood Rocker
Vlasak, Jackie

Hobbit Holler
Schwartz, Lucy

How Grape Thou Art

How Lavender Honey is Made
Askren, Pat

Idris is Blue
Hodge, Cassie

Kitty in the Garden
Cook, Judy

Library Elegance
McKeever, Nancy

Lil' Buckaroo
Kanski, Victoria

Little Jimmy
Lusher, Anette

Magic Carpet
English, Jennifer

Maple and Walnut Stool
Bernard, Zachary

Mesquite Tree Chair
DeSilver, Amanda

Mom's Time Out
Burton, Gloria

Natural High
Fischer, Todd

Oh My Applique!!
Rau, Lucy

Passionate Thinker
Pascal, Kate

Please Make Yourself at Home
Wilson, Charlene

Porch Rocker
Bourscheidt, Barbara

Purple Noise
Knapp, Jennifer

Red Mirror
Crow, Rebecca

Retro Rocker
Hilger, Feather

Rock n Roll Piano
Smethers, Kristina

Miffitt, Ellen

Serengeti Stool
Walters, Maggie

She's a Gem
Lingerfelt, Megan

Simple Parisian Elegance
Fuller, Christy

Stainless Fir
Oblas, Ben

Sweet Garden Surprise
Wolfe, Mary

Sweet Seat
Wolfe, William

The Checker Chair
Littrell, Erin

Tiny Chair
Crow, Rebecca

Vino Amore!
Knapp, Anne

Wild Things
Beavin, Sanne

Yellow Dot Mirror
Crow, Rebecca