Client Agreement­­

  • I give permission for my caseworker to release my name, address, and date of birth, along with demographic information to NWFB. I give NWFB permission to access and edit information about me on their database.

  • I understand that I will have up to 45 minutes to select my items during my furniture bank appointment.

  • I understand that NWFB does not guarantee any items.

  • I understand that NWFB provides used items and may not be able to provide me with all the items I request. Once my appointment is finished I will not be able to return or look in the warehouse for additional pieces, regardless of the circumstances. Exchanges are not allowed.

  • I will notify NWFB within 7 days of receiving my furniture of any health concerns. After one week, due to environmental factors, NWFB can no longer be held responsible for any health risks
  • I am responsible to provide a translator to shopping appointment/delivery if I do not speak English.

  • NWFB offers no warranty or guarantee on donated items and is not liable for any medical or other damages caused by items.

  • PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS: There is a non-refundable processing fee of $100 to receive services. If I am responsible for my processing fee, payment is due at the time my request is submitted. Delivery is available, in certain areas, for an additional $150 fee. If I am responsible for my delivery fee, payment is due at the time of check-in, before I can begin shopping.

  • PICK UP PROCEDURES: If I do not utilize NWFB’s delivery service, I must provide my own resources for moving the furniture, including vehicle space, rope, and other moving materials. Only one trip is allowed. NWFB staff will load the vehicle(s), but assumes no responsibility for damage caused by items not loaded and/or tied down correctly. An enclosed rental truck is highly recommended.

  • RESCHEDULE POLICY: I will be allowed 2 reschedules. If I do not attend my 3rd and final appointment, my referral is considered expired and I will be required to have a new referral submitted on my behalf to receive services.

  • NO CALL/NO SHOW POLICY: If I will not be able to attend my appointment, I must let NWFB know over the phone, in a voicemail, or with an email before my scheduled appointment time. If I do not, I will be considered a No Call/No Show, and will be required to call NWFB if I would like to reschedule.

  • NW Furniture Bank will make up to 3 contact attempts to schedule a shopping appointment. After the 1st contact attempt, I am welcome to call in to be scheduled. If NWFB is not able to reach me after 3 contact attempts, it is my responsibility to contact NWFB to schedule my appointment.

  • My referral is valid for 60 days from the date it is submitted. After 60 days my request is considered expired. My Approved Caseworker will have the opportunity to resubmit my request within 30 days. If no action is taken, my request form will be deleted. If I am still interested in receiving services after it has been deleted, a new request form will need to be filled out and submitted for processing in order to receive services.

  • If I do not receive services before my referral is expired, I understand that I can only be referred to NWFB a total of 3 times within a year.


    • On my delivery day, I must be home or have another adult 18 years old or older there to accept my furniture. NWFB will not deliver without a responsible adult present.

    • For safety reasons, if I have children and/or pets I will make sure they are not in the way of the delivery staff while bringing items into my home. NWFB will not deliver if there are safety concerns.

    • NWFB will not deliver to the 4th floor or above without an elevator.

    • If for any reason the NWFB delivery team cannot complete my delivery, the full delivery fee will be charged and items will be brought back to NWFB. If I still want the items, I will be responsible for arranging to get my items home within 7 days by paying the redelivery fee or arranging pickup.

    • I understand that the delivery team is on a schedule, and cannot wait. If delivery staff are unable to complete the delivery, a redelivery fee will apply.

    • The delivery staff will not take off/remove doors or windows to bring in furniture. If furniture will not fit into my home, I can request to have them leave it outside my home, otherwise the furniture will be returned to NWFB.

    • The furniture will be delivered into the front room of my home. It will then be my responsibility to put the items where I want them to go in my home.

    • The NWFB delivery team will call within my delivery window when they are on their way to my home, as a courtesy. If I do not answer the call, they will still attempt to deliver my furniture.