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Who We Help | NW Furniture Bank provides gently used furniture and household items to families in need. If you are living on the floor we want to help provide the items you cannot afford to purchase. 

NWFB offers services at two locations – Tacoma, WA and Vancouver, WA.

To best serve our community, NWFB does not have a service radius. Regardless of your place of residence, we’re happy to assist you. Note that if you live outside of our delivery area (20 mile radius around each location), or a non-Washington state resident, you will not be eligible for our delivery service and will need to arrange transportation of your items.

What We Offer | All our furniture is gently used and the inventory changes daily based on what has been donated to us. Depending on availability, each household is offered the following items as a baseline and may have the opportunity to receive more if available.

Bed pieces (mattress or box spring) are not included as items offered through the furniture bank program. They can be purchased separately, at special client rate*, through our retail stores.

If you or your clients only need bed pieces, you can connect directly with the retail stores to purchase and arrange transportation.

How to Access Our Services | NW Furniture Bank is a referral-based service. Every household accessing the furniture bank has been “referred” through an online form sent by an approved Community Partner, someone who has attended a training with our Client Services team. A referral is not a phone call, or paper form.

 We have over 200 Community Partners consisting of a variety of organizations/programs such as churches, school programs, social service agencies, etc. You may already be working with one of our Community Partners. Check with your caseworker, or reach out to our Client Services Team to verify.

Caseworkers, are you looking to refer a client?
To become a referral source, attendance of a Community Partner Orientation is required. To register for an upcoming orientation, click here

Is There a Cost? | Each household accessing our services is subject to a $100 processing fee payable at the time of your furniture selection. We ask that you be able to transport the furniture you've selected in one trip, at the time of your appointment, or utilize our delivery service for an additional fee of $150.  

Ask about financial assistance options while completing your referral. Often times the organization referring you can also assist with fees.

Bed pieces (mattress and box spring) are not included in the processing fee and may be purchased separately by the client, or referral partner, directly through our retail stores in Tacoma and Vancouver. While NWFB is unable to provide bed pieces through furniture bank services, we recognize it is a vital household need and there are limited resources available in the community. As an option for NWFB clients, bed pieces are available to purchase through our retail store at a discounted rate. Clients can choose to purchase bed pieces on-site before or at their appointment time. Clients can also connect any time up to 90 days after their appointment to purchase bed pieces at the discounted rate.

*To access the “NWFB Client” rate, a household must also need furniture & have a referral submitted. We can only offer our “NWFB Client” rate to someone who is also receiving furniture assistance from NWFB. If someone is not in need of furniture assistance from NWFB, they are subject to the “Regular Retail” rate.

To access our services, contact one of our Community Partners and request to complete a Furniture Request Form.

Ask your caseworker if they are an approved NW Furniture Bank referral source - if not, you can contact one of the referral sources below. 
Below are just a few of our community partners that may be able to assist you with a Furniture Request Form.

This is not an exhaustive list - if you live outside of the Pierce County area, or are having trouble connecting with the listed Community Partners, reach out to our office. We'd be happy to assist in connecting you. Click here for contact information to your preferred NWFB location - Tacoma or Vancouver. 

Associated Ministries Tacoma 253-383-3056 x128
Centro Latino Tacoma 253-572-7717
Chase Recovery Tacoma 253-302-4373
Christ Gospel Church of Tacoma Lakewood 253-224-5696
Church of the Living God Tacoma 253 272-1900
Eastside Baptist Church Tacoma 253 472-6222
MDC - Metropolitan Development Council Tacoma 253-536-6200
Orting Food Bank Orting 360-893-0095
Pierce County Aging & Disability Resources Tacoma 253-798-4600
Puyallup Tribal Health Authority Tacoma 253-593-0232 ext. 338
Salvation Army   Tacoma 253-572-8452 x115
St Vincent de Paul - St Frances Cabrini Lakewood 253-655-7837
Titus Ministry of Chapel Hill Gig Harbor 253-853-0224
True Blessings Spanaway 253-693-8381
United Way Pierce County  211

For additional question please contact us at info@nwfurniturebank.org.

Caseworkers, are you looking to refer a client?
To be become a referral source, attendance of a Community Partner Orientation is required.
To register for an upcoming orientation, click the button below:

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