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Gratitude for 2015

2015 will never be forgotten by me as a year of overwhelming joy, challenges and records for the NW Furniture Bank. One month we served 135 families, recycled 60 semi trailers of mattresses and still managed to survive.

We served more clients, recycled more mattresses and really came together as a team with a passion to serve the community. Our team is now 33 strong and I mean strong because I am observing a closeness and willingness to enter into conflict and discuss ways to improve. New people, new systems and change has refined us and positioned us to excell in 2016.

We needed a second warehouse to store the abundance of furniture we collected and then lost the warehouse, then got one back. We were out of upholstry and sofas showed up, balers broke, steel and foam prices fell to world record lows and yet we survived by never giving up and haviing faith. Hope Furnishings kept having record months and funding came in just at the right time. The Chair Affair was a record breaker and we added a second fundraiser called the Chair-ity Classic golf tournamnent. Of course I was worried it would not fill up or produce, but we oversold had lots of fun and raised $28,000! Great results for the first year.

2015 was made possible by all the people that came into contact with the NWFB. If you donated, volunteered, or bought furniture at Hope Furnishings know that you have made a difference in someones life.

"I was on the floor and had nothing. NWFB filled my apartment with not only furniture but joy." Client comment