NW Furniture Bank Needs Your Help All donations welcome

New Warehouse, New Trucks and Hope Furnishings

The move into our new facility on Puyallup Ave and the addition of a second truck from Boeing has allowed us to serve a record number of families in 2012. Through October we have served as many families as we did in 2011. I estimate that by the end of 2012 over 900 families will move from the floor and onto furniture because of our work and your support.

The new location has also allowed us to open a “gently loved” furniture store called Hope Furnishings. This has been in our strategic plan for years and is now a reality that is helping the NW Furniture Bank move towards sustainability.

I stated at the 2012 Chair Affair that the furniture bank is not just about furniture, it’s about people; the clients, the volunteers, the staff and especially about you. You are part of something very relevant and significant in our community and this is now part of your story. You helped almost 800 families last year, not just with furniture, but with more hope, more dignity and more stability. You moved people off the floor when there was no way they could have done it on their own. One client came into Hope Furnishings the other day and said, “Remember me, I was a client and we did a talk together. She then lit up and said, I am now a para-legal and can buy furniture! Thank you!” I wish you could have been there to see her face.

The 2013 Chair Affair was held at our new location which was transformed into a special venue for the evening and we raised $80,000. Thanks to everyone who makes our work possible. 

The furniture bank is averaging 100 families per month thru July 2013.