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The Woman with the Quilt

Last week a woman came into the office and gave us a quilt and a letter. The envelope was addressed to "The New Owner of this Quilt"...May God Bless You!
The note inside is titled, "Blessings to the new owner of my quilt"
Here is what it said:

I just thought you would enjoy knowing the history of this quilt. I lost my job in 2009, my L & I too. I lost my home in 2010 and was forced to go camping in the woods with my walker for the next year. Everything the enemy stole, my God restored on Christmas 2011. I was homeless almost a year exactly.
I especially want to thank the furniture bank for blessing me with furniture for my new place when I had nothing. I promised them this quilt as an offering, because I wanted to bless their ministry and touch someone else's life.

She goes on to talk about the homeless friends she made in the woods and how they helped her move into a new apartment one year after being homeless. It was Christmas Eve! She worked on the quilt on a picnic bench.

Thank you Sarah, someday soon a NWFB volunteer will pass the quilt and your powerful words of encouragement to someone we don't even know yet. Once again I am encouraged as everyone who works at and supports the furniture bank should be! The furniture bank is making a real difference in peoples lives!