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Family Thank You's

There is a notebook on the counter in the warehouse and we ask family members to jot down a note and tell us how their experience was and if getting furniture helped them. Here are some responses.

“My family has been blessed with a household of furniture! We are a family that has survived domestic violence. Now we have a beautiful fresh start.”

“Me and my son appreciate everything! Thank you for making our house a home.”

“This really was a huge blessing for my boys and I. May family and I are really gonna have a home. Thank you all and God bless you all!”

“Everyone is very courteous and hospitable. If there were more places and people such as this place, there would be a lot less needy. Thank you for the experience and for creating a positive memory that will last for years to come.”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What a blessing! ……from homelessness and abuse, to safety and a beautiful home because of you. Thank you!”

“Thank you all so very much. This is going to give me and my son a great start on our future. God Bless.”

The staff, the volunteers and everyone who has donated financially and with furniture should feel very proud of a job well done! Just think 60 families a month means 60 sofas came in and 60 went out. Over 125 mattress sets have come in and went out. Same with dining tables, dressers and all the other items we give. That is a lot of “lifting in love”, but as you can see it is making a difference!

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